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Forecast your revenue,your expenses,new hires,your exit,your runway with confidence

Forecastr is an out-of-the-box finance function for your business. We help you make better decisions and succeed in fundraising.

Impress your investors

Hit your growth targets

Never run out of cash

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Add a finance expert to your team

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Our team of Financial Analysts have years of experience building great financial models. We work with businesses of all sizes from many industries.

We'll help you choose the best metrics to track, set smart benchmarks and targets, and help you keep your model current for the lifetime of your subscription.

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We're more than just software

Get a dedicated finance expert to help you make better decisions and consistently hit your growth targets.

Impress investors and stakeholders with great forecasting reports and raise capital quickly.

We're trusted by the best

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"A great financial model is a must-have tool for founders not only to close investors but to really understand and manage their business. I recommend all my founders work with Forecastr because they build incredibly useful financial models."



Ryan Kuder
Managing Director @ Techstars

Know your numbers

Identify the metrics that matter most for your business. Track them with accuracy, forecast them into the future, and start making better decisions today.

Hit your growth targets

Set smart targets and track your performance against your projections in real time. Identify wins and losses and allocate your resources to get the most mileage out of your budget.

Raise the capital you need

Create a numerical narrative and impress investors with reporting and analysis. Conveniently share interactive links with investors and stakeholders.

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The tools you need to succeed


Automated accounting

Automatically update your actuals to see your performance against your forecast in real time.

Icon: Scenario analysis

Analyze alternate

Adjust assumptions to test alternate scenarios for advanced planning and decision-making.


Understand customer

Set independent assumptions and unit economics for different acquisition channels and conversion funnels.

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Create a strategic
hiring plan

Forecast hiring dates and costs based on team capacity, support requirements, and employee turnover.

Cash runway icon

Manage your cash runway in
real time

Project your revenue and expenses to monitor your burn rate and track your cash runway in real time.

Track KPIs & Goals

Conveniently share your
model online

Create access links for investors and stakeholders. Share your whole model, one scenario, or a single section.

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Start building a better financial future

Schedule a demo with our team to start building your new financial model as soon as possible.

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