Meet the Team

Steven Plappert


Steven is a Techstars alum & serial entrepreneur that loves helping other founders. He’s spent three years providing outsourced financial leadership to growing companies. When he isn’t working on Forecastr, you can find him out in the woods camping & rock climbing.

Logan Burchett


Logan is a finance MBA with several years of CFO level startup experience. His expertise comes from providing financial leadership to dozens of rapidly growing startups, and in that capacity he’s aided them in securing millions in funding.

Jonathan Frazier

Technical Co-Founder

Jonathan is an MIT educated political scientist and economist, and a data-driven, full stack developer that loves solving problems.

Steven Ambs

Technical Co-Founder

Steven is a self-taught developer, starting at the age of 12 building private video game servers. He's got a keen eye for user experience and design and loves working with new technologies and being on the bleeding edge.

Morgan Plappert

UX Designer

Don’t let his fancy socks or charming smile distract you from his innovative mind. Morgan’s ability to raise the bar and challenge the status quo while still being a team player is why we like to think of Morgan as our Renaissance Man.

Venture First

Full Stack Finance

Venture First is a full stack financial services firm that caters to high-growth, venture-backed companies and their investors across the United States. Venture First professionals have worked closely with hundreds of cutting-edge companies with considerable experience working in multiple industries.

We are...

A) Trustworthy

We believe you need a forecast you can trust, and that starts with using software made by a team you can trust. Earning your trust is our top priority.

B) Accountable

Accountability is crucial to success, in all aspects of life. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards, and we ask the same of our customers.

C) Balanced

Work hard. Play hard. When we’re working on Forecastr, we’re moving fast and getting shit done. On the weekends, we aren’t answering emails, we’re living life.

D) Proactive

When it comes to your finances, proactive beats reactive every time. We take that to heart at Forecastr, proactively tackling our product roadmap, growth, talent, etc. and we’re here to help you be proactive in your business.

E) Transparent

Transparency is key. You can’t fight what you can’t see. We put it all out in the open, whether its about key financial metrics, goal tracking, or who’s not doing their dishes around the office.