Revenue Forecasting

Build revenue forecasts you can trust without having to be an Excel guru.

Forecasting from the bottom up

No company magically grows 10% MoM. We forecast your actual customer acquisition funnels to truly understand growth.

Accuracy Meets Simplicity

For far too long, accuracy & simplicity have been mutually exclusive. Not anymore.

Expense Budgeting

Point & Shoot. Enter your expenses & track against your budget in real-time.

The one-click “Fudge Factor”

What happens if expenses are 20% higher than expected? Click and see.

Expenses grow with your business. Our forecasts have you covered.

Choose from a variety of forecasting methods that work for any expense (per person, MoM Growth, % of Revenue, % of Cash, etc.)

Cash Flow Predictions

Know when your cash runs out so you can do something about it.

Cash Flow is more than just your Income Statement

Easily forecast Accounts Receivable, capital expenditures, debt amortization, and more to get your most accurate forecast of cash.

Know the length of your Runway

Ensure that you’re on top of potential cash shortfalls to make sure that your business is taken care of.

Capital Raise Planning

Fundraising is hard. We make it easier.

Know when to start

Starting a raise too late can kill your business. Too early brings unnecessary dilution. We help find that sweet spot.

Know how much to raise

We identify cash shortages and determine how much money your business needs.

“What If” Planning

Save as many forecasts as you want & compare them with data visualizations

Shit Happens. Account for it.

Next quarter never goes quite like you planned. Create worst case scenarios to manage cash flow, and more aggressive forecasts for goal setting & sharing with investors

Visualize & Compare

Stop flipping back and forth between Excel spreadsheets trying to compare different scenarios.

Software Integrations

Link up your accounting, sales, & metrics software to auto populate data

Updating your financial model with actuals sucks. Stop doing it.

God made software integrations for a reason. Automate your historical data population & get more shit done. Welcome to the 21st century!

Forecast based on actual data

Don’t make guesses in your financial model about your pipeline, your close %, your churn rate, etc. Pull in the actual data and make your forecast smarter.

Data Visualizations

Not a numbers person? See the data come to life before your very eyes.

Smart Dashboards

At a glance, check the health of your business and understand what you should focus on.

Don’t drown in a sea of data

Let’s face it, data tables are ugly and un-intuitive, we present your data in graphs and charts that are easy for you, your investors, and your team to understand.

Hiring Plan

Plan your future team, pay people fairly, and preserve your runway

Hire smart with trusted data.

We leverage world-class salary data to show you exactly what you should expect to pay for new hires based on role, location, company stage, etc.

How much will it cost to grow my team?

For most businesses, the payroll is the largest expense. Take the stress out of expanding your team by accounting for new hires within your forecast.s

Forecast vs. Actual

“History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes” - Mark Twain

Stick to your plan!

Keep yourself accountable by tracking real time against your budget.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Are you hitting your mark? Make sure you’re hitting your KPIs and ensure the company continues to grow.

Exit Simulations

Understand how the terms you gave your investors affect your take-home pay.

Series A Participating Preferred… Ouch...

Terms of investment can be confusing. See how different terms affect you and your employees upon exit.

Easily compare valuation scenarios

How much of an impact does a $1M change in valuation really have? Find out with the click of a button.

Investor Access

Stop sharing your ugly Excel models with investors. Let Forecastr show them what they want to see in one click.

We build dashboards for investors.

Investors and Founders care about different things. We show investors customized views & dashboards, tailored with information they actually care about.

View Only Access

Don’t want your investors messing up your forecast? Give them view only access, simple as that.

Team Collaboration

Version Control. Tracked Comments. Finances in-sync.

Lock down your forecast.

Save various versions of your forecast, give edit access only to team members who truly need it.

Never break a formula again.

Excel formulas can be fragile and scary. Forecastr formulas don't.