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Software + Expertise =
Finance ninjas

The tools you need to create a great financial model. The people you need to make the most of it.

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How Forecastr works


Watch a demo

Schedule a time for us to roll out the red carpet and show you our software and our process.


Build your model

Work hand-in-hand with your new finance team to build a custom financial model from your existing data.


Raise & grow

Lean on our Financial Analysts and CFO Services to make better decisions and grow faster.

We're humans using data to create better outcomes

Get the software and support you need to start crushing your finance function.

Personal support from real finance experts

Forecastr's secret sauce is our team. We have a deep bench of analysts and CFOs who have experience dealing with the questions and challenges you're facing. We work with you every step of the way to find your path to financial success.

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Save time and gain insights with automated accounting integrations

Save hours every month by skipping manual data entry

Get real-time variance and performance insights

Quickly report all financial data in a single place


Our QuickBooks Online integration keeps your Actuals accurate and up to date in Forecastr.

As an approved QuickBooks Solution Provider, we can help you make the jump to QuickBooks as soon as you’re ready (with a 30% discount because we love you).

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Our seamless integration with Xero keeps your accounting Actuals up-to-date in your financial model, so you can always see the variance between your forecast and your actual performance.

Plan for your company's future

Scenario analysis lets you adjust your assumptions to evaluate the impact of potential changes in the economy, regulation, or your competitive landscape.

You can create any number of scenarios to account for best-case and worst-case conditions, and anything in between.

Test alternate strategies before you roll them out, and make informed decisions about prioritizing work and allocating resources.

Raise capital with ease

In today's fundraising environment, a solid financial model is a must-have tool for every company. Investors expect you to know your numbers inside and out.

A financial model lets you communicate with investors in their native language: financial metrics. You create a numerical narrative that shows exactly how you will spend their money, and project how their investment will drive growth and generate a return.

You can share your whole financial model, or just specific sections, by generating simple interactive links on demand.

Manage your hiring plan

Schedule and budget a strategic hiring plan to calculate and control your organization's growth.

Create dynamic hiring schedules based on team capacity and support requirements, and automatically update fixed and variable expenses at the time of each future hire.

Plan your growth wisely with minimal effort. New hires seamlessly update growth and performance metrics throughout your model.

Control your revenue streams

Dive deep into your customer acquisition metrics to understand unit economics and scaling dynamics for every channel.

Set cost metrics and growth assumptions based on your actual accounting data, and project the performance of each channel independent of the others.

Adjust your assumptions around traffic volume, conversion rates, and cost of acquisition to identify your most impactful levers and find your quickest path to growth.

Never run out of cash

Manage your cash runway in real time and explore options to control your burn rate.

Cash is king. Don't rely on a "guesstimate" to know how long yours will last. Forecastr gives you reliable insights into your runway by projecting your historical data and trends with realistic assumptions about your future performance.

Sleep well at night knowing that no unexpected cash emergencies are hiding around the corner.

"Cash is like oxygen. If you're without it for 2 minutes, you're dead."




Troy Henikoff
Managing Director @ MATH Venture Partners

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