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Forecastr Beta Update – Apr 22, 2022

Friday, April 22nd 2022 (about 1 month ago)

Hey gang, Zack here. Hopefully, Spring is giving you some more spring in your step! 

We’ve recently released some updates and new features that we’re excited to share with you today. Let’s check out what’s new in Forecastr:

New Features

Excel and CSV Download:

You used to be able to export your Financial Statements as individual CSVs. Now you can download each Section of the Assumptions tab as well. The CSV download button is located to the left of the purple “Add” buttons.

Even better, you can export the entire Scenario as an .xlsx Excel document! It will generate a multi-tab spreadsheet including Monthly and Annual Financials and all of the Assumptions Sections. The current version of this feature only exports the raw data and not the formulas, but stay tuned for improved functionality in future updates.

UI/UX Updates

Calculation UI updates:

Math is hard enough when you know exactly what you’re calculating, and it used to be hard to remember where your metrics come from. So we changed the UI to make it easier! Now, when you have a Calculation, you can see which operation you’re performing, which metrics you’re using, AND where those metrics live. Look forward to more implementations of this UI in future features.

Items in the Data Table are auto-sorted alphabetically:

We’ve created a simple workaround to modify the order of Items in the Data Table: alphabetical sorting. Now, you can use A) B) C) 1. 2. 3. or any other alphabetical system to rearrange your data. 

NOTE: Any existing Items are also sorted alphabetically going forward, so you may need to change their names to put them back in your desired order.

That’s it for this release! Stay tuned for future release notes!

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