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Forecastr Beta Update – December 12, 2022

Hey gang, Zack here. It feels like the holidays have snuck up on me once again, despite being the same time every year… Luckily, I have some early gifts from your friends at Forecastr:

Also, I’m hiring a Sr. UX Designer! If you or someone you know would be a good fit, please apply at this link: https://www.indeed.com/job/sr-user-experience-designer-e4ee02114168375b

Here’s a list of the biggest improvements we’ve released over the past few weeks:

New and Improved

Variance Rows for Financials

You’ve been able to manually compare your forecasted numbers to your actuals right inside the data table, but now Forecastr compares them for you! Simply turn on the variance rows to see the % difference between the Actuals and Forecast. This currently only works on the Financials tab, but we plan to expand this functionality to the Assumptions tab in the future.


Forecastr Changelog shortcut:

We’ve let users request features through Canny for a while, but now they can also get to our public roadmap and changelog directly from the Forecastr app. In addition to sending out this update email, we will post new changes to the app multiple times a month in the Forecastr Changelog.


Speed and stability improvements:

  • Excel export download speed is much faster
  • Drawers are now faster and the cancel button has been removed
  • We rewrote a major part of our codebase to help with speed and stability

UI/UX improvements:

  • More user-friendly error messages
  • Integration expired pop-up no longer shows on Investor Access
  • Cashflow start month actuals cells are blank to minimize confusion
  • Arrow keys navigate more smoothly between cells
  • New alert notifications when a user inputs the wrong credentials
  • Better user-guided helper text in the Drawer>
  • Creating users defaults to the “Employee” role

Bug Fixes

  • Caching issues with Actuals/QuickBooks data
  • Excel Export now consistently exports 6 years of data
  • Scenario start date behavior was inconsistent in European timezones
  • Moving funnel dates impacted other metric dates
  • Currency info on hover was not in sync with the scenario’s currency
  • Currency <$1 was rounding on display in the info hover and data table
  • Minimum metric values were limiting Actuals and not just the forecast
  • Quickbooks Long-term Liabilities were not reflected in the Assumptions tab
  • Manual edits weren’t consistently registering and sometimes disappearing
  • New metrics weren’t displaying in the correct order
  • Metrics were randomly appearing in the ‘Other Metrics’ section
  • Some ad blockers were not allowing users to access the platform

That’s it for this release. Stay tuned for future release notes!