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Forecastr Beta Update – January 11, 2023

Hey gang, Zack here. Happy New Year! A new year means new features and improvements that I’m excited to share with you. Check out what’s new with Forecastr:

New and Improved

Navigation Bar Improvements and Additions

  • We recently added a lot of functionality and made many UI and UX changes to the top Navigation Bar to make it faster and easier to use.
  • We added shortcuts to each page of the app that appears when you hover over the main Tabs in the Navigation Bar.

Navigation on hover

  • We added a dedicated icon for easy access to our Help Center (formerly the Brain).
  • We added a widget that shows any updates we make to the Forecastr platform via our official Changelog.

Changelog widget

  • We added a similar widget to let users upvote existing feature requests and add new requests directly from the app.

Feature Request widget

  • We added users’ company names to the Navigation Bar so it’s clear which company investors and users with access to multiple models are viewing.
  • The Scenario name box and dropdowns adjust their width to fit.

Investor Access Improvements and Renaming:

  • Investor Access is now called “Sharing” and Investor Access Links are just called “Access Links”.
  • We added a Sharing widget to the Navigation Bar.

Access Links dropdown

  • Access Links now have an optional title/label so you can organize and remember them more easily.

Access Link titles

  • We improved expiration and creation date information.
  • It’s now more obvious whether an email is required or not for each Access Link.

Sharing page

UI/UX Improvements

  • Item labels are longer and resize dynamically in the Data Table and we removed Item labels appearing on hover.

Long Data Table labels

  • Add Item buttons are more visually prominent.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved some bugs in the People section regarding date edits to cloned people and visual inconsistencies
  • Margin percentages are now displaying correctly in both the Drawer and the Data Table
  • Resolved a few Scenario Clone bugs
  • Resolved a bug where salary adjustments to People were changing which info would load in the drawer

That’s it for this release. Stay tuned for future release notes!