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We’re looking for talented, creative, & motivated people to join our team and help us drive our product into the market and serve more customers. We value confidence, preparedness, & work-life balance. We’re a down-to-earth, merit-based culture, we work hard, we play hard.

Here are some of the perks of working with Forecastr:

  • Amazing Culture
  • Full Health Benefits (w/ Vision & Dental)
  • 401k Plan w/ Matching
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Hours

3 Open Positions

Account Executive

Remote-First - Preferences for Louisville [Ky], Denver [Co], Austin [Tx]

$100,000 to $125,000


Experienced in Inside Sales.

At least 2 yrs. experience doing inside sales at another B2B startup.

People-Driven & Charismatic.

Must be excited about meeting new people, be likable, and be a great conversationalist.

Financial Knowledge.

Must be familiar with financial models, their purpose, use cases, and value propositions. Why, What, When, Who, How, etc.


Must be able to execute and keep up with productive and efficient systems.

Understands Startup Founders.

Should understand their Goals, Needs, Desires, Fears, Problems, etc.

Job Description

You will be responsible for acquiring new customers. You will be “on the front lines” of Forecastr, interacting with qualified leads [startup founders] and showing them the power of Forecastr to help them get a great financial model, raise capital, and grow their companies.

Your Responsibilities

Close New Customers:

As a sales leader, your primary charge is to close new customers for Forecastr to grow our customer base.

Efficiently Follow Up on Active Deals & Track Activity:

Engaging with potential customers efficiently and effectively after the initial call to maximize close rate. Everything should be well-documented actively in Hubspot.

Track, Measure, & Optimize Customer Acquisition:

You will be deeply involved in tracking & improving our processes and systems for acquiring new customers.

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Senior ReactJS Engineer


$120,000 - $150,000 a year


Required Skills & Experience

  • 7+ years of experience with frontend application development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • 5+ years of experience using a modern JavaScript framework (React, Angular, Ember, Vue.js, etc) in ES6 compatible JavaScript. Experience with Typescript is a plus.
  • 2+ years of experience with GraphQL and Node.js/express server development.
  • Experience with GraphQL ecosystem tools (Apollo Client, Prisma Nexus, and graphql server, etc) is a plus.
  • 1+ years of experience creating UI components using React Hooks
  • Experience contributing to the architecture and system design (architecture, design patterns, reliability and scaling) of new and current systems
  • Strong experience in git best practices for code version control
  • Strong experience in collaborating with product owners about UX implementation plan and requirements
  • Strong experience performing code reviews on a software team, experience mentoring junior developers is a plus
  • Experience contributing to a shipped SaaS product, would like to see links and references

Job Description

Your Purpose

Build our product with thoughtful UX, intuitive data. Grow the capacity and culture of our engineering team.

Your Responsibilities

  • Shape implementation plans and build new features on our financial planning software tool
  • Participate in team meetings to share feedback, propose improvements for both product and engineering team practices.
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Startup Financial Analyst

Remote-First - Preferences for Louisville [Ky], Denver [Co], Austin [Tx]

$50,000 to $90,000


Required Skills & Experience

  • Must have experience using Excel/Google Sheets
  • Must have experience building financial models for startup companies
  • Must have experience serving customers
  • Must be able to communicate clearly & effectively
  • Must be good with people

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • Strong preference for candidates who have previous founder experience, starting and building a company
  • Strong preference for candidates who have worked in a startup environment, even if they were not on the founding team
  • Strong preference for candidates who have experience with sales & customer onboarding

Job Description

Your Purpose

In this role, you will be working directly with Forecastr founders, Steven Plappert (CEO) & Logan Burchett (COO), to help serve our startup customers. This will consist of building and maintaining investor grade financial models and supporting founders in various aspects of startup finance.

Your Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for building & maintaining financial models for our startup customers using the Forecastr platform.
  • You will be responsible for serving our customers, engaging with them through live chat, email, and video calls to help them with their financial models, or other startup finance related help they need.
  • While not a part of your primary role, everyone at an early-stage startup can and must wear multiple hats. There will be ample opportunity for you to involve yourself in other areas of the company such as: sales, product testing, operations, content marketing, etc. Candidates who have an interest in getting involved in these areas are preferred.
  • This is a full-time position. You will be expected to work 40 hours per week and hit metrics related to great customer service and building financial models on-time and of the highest quality.
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