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Be prepared to impress investors and raise money easier & more responsibly.

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Investors Want to Know You Understand Your Business

Prove it to them. Walk them through a world-class financial model, that you know like the back of your hand.

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Investors Want to Know How You'll Spend Their Money

Put their mind at ease with our beautiful, easy-to-read expense budgets. Work with our team of experts to make sure you pass the investor "sniff test" with flying colors.

Investors Want to Know How Much Money They'll Make

So show them. Run exit scenarios based on your actual revenue forecast, and industry benchmarks, to show investors how you can maximize their ROI while keeping risk to a minimum.

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Ajay Gawali

CEO @ Maai

“The Forecastr team offered insightful feedback and helped us build a detailed financial model for our startup! The engagement experience was friendly and informative.”

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