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Investors Want to Know You Understand Your Business

Prove it to them. Walk them through a world-class financial model, that you know like the back of your hand.

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Investors Want to Know You Understand Your Business

Investors Want to Know How You'll Spend Their Money

Put their mind at ease with our beautiful, easy-to-read expense budgets. Work with our team of experts to make sure you pass the investor "sniff test" with flying colors.

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Investors Want to Know How Much Money They'll Make

Investors Want to Know How Much Money They'll Make

So show them. Run exit scenarios based on your actual revenue forecast, and industry benchmarks, to show investors how you can maximize their ROI while keeping risk to a minimum.

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Investors Want to Know How Much Money They'll Make

Don't Just Take It from Us

Photo: Ajay Gawali
Ajay Gawali
CEO @ Maai
“The Forecastr team offered insightful feedback and helped us build a detailed financial model for our startup! The engagement experience was friendly and informative.”
Photo: Ari Blum
Ari Blum
CEO @ Clover Learning
“I can’t say enough good things about working with Forecastr. My company now has a bulletproof financial model that we can use not only for potential investors and board meetings but, to provide insight when making key business decisions. Without Forecastr I’d have had to spend tons of money hiring an outside CFO firm or spend my valuable time creating my own subpar model.”
Photo: Morgan Spenla
Morgan Spenla
CEO @ Crafter
“Forecastr helped us align our big vision goals with the physical roadmap that would drive the company forward. With the help of Forecastr and our clean & compelling financial model, we were able to share our vision and recruit investors and advisors to grow faster.”
Photo: Boyede Sobitan
Boyede Sobitan
CEO @ Oja Express
“Working with Forecastr and Steven has been a great experience. The platform really helped me to get unstuck. Our model is complex, and Steve was able to listen to our business structure, and helped to create a model that fit what we hope to accomplish. If you need help getting the ball rolling on your Financial Model, I would definitely recommend Forecastr.”
Photo: Sansan Fibri
Sansan Fibri
CEO @ Wakefully
“BY GOLLY I THINK I GOT IT! 💪🏼 The team @ Forecastr helped me build a bold yet defensible model for my pre-revenue startup in less than a WEEK!! I previously spent MONTHS on a model that was convoluted and confusing. Never in my life did I think I would look at a bunch of numbers and SEE. THE. STORY.”
Photo: Stephen Stearman
Stephen Stearman
CEO @ Elevate Holistics
“Steven and the Forecastr team put together the most robust model I've ever seen as an entrepreneur. Not only that, but we sat down multiple times to make sure I understood all the inputs and how to effectively use Forecastr. I have 100% confidence that using Forecastr will help me avoid a cash crunch and raise money more easily.”
Photo: Marcos Araujo
Marcos Araujo
CEO @ Esportudo
"The Forecastr team has been nothing short of amazing from our first contact. They took a daunting task off my plate in no time and produced assets I use on a monthly basis to track the growth of my business. The experience never felt forced, the team is awesome and they bring real value immediately."
Photo: Mitch Stutler
Mitch Stutler
CEO @ Vividcharts
"One of the toughest parts of living in the startup world is forecasting. Forecasting is important for everything when you're trying to scale. Whether it's forecasting cash, when you should add a new developer, when you want to raise, you need a unified place to forecast all of these very interconnected things. That's why we went with Forecastr."
Photo: Sonja Ebron
Sonja Ebron
CEO @ Courtroom5
"I'm really good with numbers but not with projections and all of the uncertainty that comes with it. Forecastr took the guesswork out of my work and made my life much easier. Would highly recommend Forecastr for any founder."
Photo: Ahva Sadeghi
Ahva Sadeghi
CEO @ Symba
"Using Forecastr was one of the best investments we made as early-stage founders. Forecastr helped us impress our investors, close our financing round, and prepare to scale our company by knowing the ins and outs of our financial model. The team at Forecastr is amazing to work with and committed to supporting us as we scale. I could not recommend Forecastr more!"
Photo: Jeff Osuji
Jeff Osuji
CEO @ Eventnoire
"The Forecastr team was amazing at helping us seamlessly tackle our financial model. The process was insightful, informative, and empowering. I highly recommend working with the Forecastr team and am excited about the future of this company."
Photo: DuMarkus Davis
DuMarkus Davis
CEO @ Musicbuk
“This is the first time a financial model has ever made me smile! Forecastr helped me build a model that was detailed, easy to use, and beautiful. Forecastr makes financial modeling fun.”
Photo: Courtney Potter
Courtney Potter
CEO @ Pickle Living
"Forecastr has done an amazing job at understanding our business and translating our unique business platform into a transparent and workable financial model. It provides the transparency and workability for all involved with our company. Their experience and approach have given us the confidence needed in achieving our current and future goals."