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Plan Wisely. Pay Fairly.

Understand when you can afford to make your next great hire, and make sure they’ll say yes.

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Taxes & Benefits. Annual Raises. Out-of-the-Box.

We make it easy to predict new hires, and all the expenses associated, without having to write any complicated Excel formulas.

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Link New Hires to Your Growth.

Hiring more people is almost always related to growth, with Forecastr you can automatically predict hires based on revenue, or customer-based milestones.

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Ajay Gawali

CEO @ Maai

“The Forecastr team offered insightful feedback and helped us build a detailed financial model for our startup! The engagement experience was friendly and informative.”

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Compare Your Offers against Industry Benchmarks.

Peg your salary expectations for new hires to industry-leading databases to know when you can afford them, and make sure they say yes.

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