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Cash Is King. Know Your Runway.

"Cash is like oxygen, if you're without it for 2 minutes you're dead..." - Troy Henikoff, MATH Venture Partners

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Upgrade Your “Guesstimate” to a Date You Can Trust

Running out of money is the single worst thing that can happen to you, It’s too important to guess. Forecastr gives you a “cash out date” you can trust by basing it on thoughtful assumptions and analyzing your historical data & trends.

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Quickly Test Various Scenarios

Easily create scenarios based on different assumptions to be prepared for the worst while poised for greatness.

Automated Alerts & Insights

Investor Red Flags. Overspending. Revenue Milestones. Growth Opportunities. Whatever is going on with your finances, you have a right to know about it.

Don't Just Take It from Us


Ajay Gawali

CEO @ Maai

“The Forecastr team offered insightful feedback and helped us build a detailed financial model for our startup! The engagement experience was friendly and informative.”

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