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Be Prepared for Anything

Easily create & compare multiple forecasts to stay agile & prepared in today’s fast-pace, ever-changing environment.

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Create & Save as Many Forecasts as You’d Like

Choose from cloning an existing forecast, building a new forecast from scratch, or taking one of our expert recommendations.

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Use Powerful Comparisons to Plan for the Future

“Click to Compare” Multiple Forecasts In a single-view, with powerful visuals.

Version Controlled & Collaborative

Our shared, online platform makes it easy for you to collaborate with your co-founders, know who is changing what, and rollback changes when you need to.

Don't Just Take It from Us


Ajay Gawali

CEO @ Maai

“The Forecastr team offered insightful feedback and helped us build a detailed financial model for our startup! The engagement experience was friendly and informative.”

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