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A Tactical Guide to Raising Capital

When it comes to fundraising, there are three key stages. In this webinar, we'll go through each stage in detail and walk you through how to successfully execute each of them. We'll cover everything from structuring your meetings to tactical action items in those meetings.

A Tactical Guide to Raising Capital


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What You'll Learn


Successful Execution

Learn how to generate excitement from investors and how to negotiate terms.


Five Useful Tactics

How to change the dynamic of your conversations with investors.



Win Your Investors and Round

How you should prioritize the outcomes of your round.

Steven Plappert



Steven Plappert

Co-Founder & CEO 

Steven is a co-founder of Forecastr (Techstars Anywhere 2020), and has raised more than $10M in venture capital as a founder. Steven has served as Head of Finance for more than 10 startups, and has built more than 200 financial models. Steven was previously a co-founder at FantasyHub.

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