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Financial Modeling 101

The Power of a Great Financial Model

Learn how a great financial model can show you how much capital you should raise, and exactly when to raise it. Get better insights and make better decisions for your startup.

This is a 60-minute presentation given by Logan Burchett, co-founder of Forecastr.

FM 101


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What You'll Learn


Components of a Solid Model

What should be included in your model? What should be left out?


How To Build a Revenue Formula

Learn how to build a revenue formula to match the way your business works.



What to Share with Investors

How to share your model with investors to build confidence and close checks.




Logan Burchett

Co-Founder & COO 

Logan Burchett is a co-founder of Forecastr (Techstars Anywhere 2020), and has deep startup finance experience at the CFO level. Logan has built more than 200+ financial models for startups, and has managed >$16B in assets. As a founder at Forecastr, Logan is instrumental in product development, finance, fundraising, and general operations.


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