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How To Prepare for Your Next Raise

As you're preparing for a raise, there are many aspects that are important to consider. These universal elements will build a solid foundation and bridge your gap to success whether you're seasoned or a first time founder.


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What You'll Learn


Necessary Resources

The 4 essential tools to have ready and how to utilize those tools.


How To Interact With Investors

Learn the top 5 tactics to increase investors' trust in you as a founder.



Fundraising Timeline

What to do in a 12 month span to crush your fundraise.

Steven Plappert



Steven Plappert

Co-Founder & CEO 

Steven is a co-founder of Forecastr (Techstars Anywhere 2020), and has raised more than $10M in venture capital as a founder. Steven has served as Head of Finance for more than 10 startups, and has built more than 200 financial models. Steven was previously a co-founder at FantasyHub.

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