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Now What? Keeping Investors Happy & Writing Checks

Tactical advice and best practices to keep your investors informed, engaged, and happy. Learn why you need to do it and the best tools to make it easy.

Keeping Investors Happy


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What You'll Learn


Why It's Important

The benefits of keeping investors informed and how you can leverage them for your needs.


Cadence and Tools

When to give your investors updates and the software to simplify the process.



Investor Update Content

Learn the 5 areas of your business that investors are interested in.

Steven Plappert



Steven Plappert

Co-Founder & CEO 

Steven is a co-founder of Forecastr (Techstars Anywhere 2020), and has raised more than $10M in venture capital as a founder. Steven has served as Head of Finance for more than 10 startups, and has built more than 200 financial models. Steven was previously a co-founder at FantasyHub.

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