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Prepare to Fundraise Playbook

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Product strategy and financial metrics are two of the most common stumbling blocks for founders. We teamed up with thoughbot to address them both in this one simple guide!

Follow these straightforward plays to get your product and your finances ready for the scrutiny of fundraising and due diligence.

Product by thoughtbot. Finance by Forecastr.



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What you'll learn

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Define your ideal audience

Define your audience segments and customer journey. Identify which features they need most.

Icon: Finance metrics

Know every metric that matters

Impress investors with in-depth insights about every finance metric that matters for your business.

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Build trust and confidence

Earn the goodwill of your potential investors with clear, buttoned-up strategies for product and finance.

Startup fundraising preparation playbook

Solid strategies for product and finance


Product strategy

thoughtbot gives you a simple process for awesome customer discovery, market segmentation, and road map planning. The framework includes:

  • How to pinpoint📍 your biggest product development opportunities
  • How to map your customer journey
  • How to test your messaging at scale
  • Lots more, with some other free resources thrown in!


Financial metrics

We give you a repeatable process you can run every month to get better control, visibility, and reporting from your existing financial data.

  • Free financial template to match most business models
  • How to set realistic forecasts
  • How to identify your biggest operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Know every key metric, including runway

You got this!

Fundraising for a startup is never easy. This playbook lets you launch your fundraising journey with well-defined strategies and effective action plans. Set yourself up for success!

Get the playbook!

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