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Financial Model Templates for Startups

Create an instant financial model in Excel, Google Sheets, or any spreadsheet application. Use our templates to raise money and run your business better!

Financial Modeling Made Simple

Forecastr is an online tool that lets you build great financial models quickly and easily. Our analysts work alongside you as a founder to help you build the perfect model and get the most out of it.

Of course, we think every founder should use Forecastr. But we understand that some startups aren't ready for a premium solution yet. So, in the spirit of #GiveFirst, we've created these financial model templates you can use today for free in Excel or Google Sheets.


How To Use the Templates

#1 - Choose the template below that best matches your business model. Enter your email to access the template.

#2 - The template will open in Google Sheets. Choose File/Download, and select your desired file format.

#3 - Update the template with your company's data and start projecting your finances up to 60 months into the future.


Getting Help

Feel free to reach out if you need financial modeling assistance. We're always happy to help.

  • You can contact us with your questions here.
  • You can request a demo of Forecastr's financial modeling software here.


Financial Model Templates:

file-img     Monthly SaaS Template

file-img     Annual SaaS Template

file-img     Per Unit Monthly SaaS Template

file-img     Per Unit Annual SaaS Template

file-img     Marketplace Template

file-img     Ecommerce Template

file-img     Transactional Template

file-img     Hourly Services Template

file-img     User Application Template

file-img     Custom Contracts Template