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Fitness Hygiene Literacy

Finance resources for healthy startups

Just like your personal health, your business's financial health depends on good habits and a consistent routine.

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This half-trillion-dollar company wants to help you raise money

3 ways to show traction without a product while fundraising

Raising capital

Information to guide you through the complex world of fundraising. Everything from finding investors to pitch meeting tactics - learn how to secure funding for your startup.

Fractional CFO services

From fundraising support to optimizing cash flow, CFO services go beyond planning and analysis to give you tailored strategies designed by experienced professionals.

Financial hygiene

Clean data and consistent routines produce accurate reports and smart decisions. See how the choices you make today can position you for success in the long run.

Know your numbers (KYN)

Financial literacy is the secret to unlocking the power of metrics and data to steer your startup toward sustainable growth. Get the knowledge and tools you need here.

Financial models

Stay ahead of the curve with financial modeling tips and strategies from the best team in the business. Learn how to develop robust models that drive strategic success and fundraising finesse. 

Series A funding

The Series A is a pivotal stage for venture-backed startups. It's a substantial capital infusion that raises the stakes and the expectations for you as a founder. Raise yours with confidence.

Startup valuation

How much is your startup worth? It's always the billion-dollar question! Many factors influence your valuation, but some of them are things you can control. We'll show you how.

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