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Financial Modeling

Building a financial model for startups - Featured image

9 min read

Building a Solid Financial Model for Startups: The Key to Success

Stepping into the startup world feels like diving headfirst into a sea of uncertainties. But, crafting a solid financial model for startups is your...

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Financial model prep - Featured image (temp)

7 min read

The Ultimate Financial Modeling Prep Guide: Tips & Tools

Diving into financial modeling prep is like unlocking a secret code that can predict the future of businesses and investments. It's essential, yet...

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Financial modeling tips - Featured image

8 min read

Essential Financial Modeling Tips Proven To Boost Your Business

Imagine navigating your way through a dense forest without a map. That's business without financial modeling. It's essential, yet daunting for many....

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Startup metrics KYN (know your numbers) - Featured image

11 min read

The Golden Rule of Startup Metrics: KYN (Know Your Numbers)

Startup metrics should be every founder's true north. We call it KYN (know your numbers). Some founders do it, and some don't. As we've seen time and...

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3 Reasons every founder needs a financial model - Featured image

3 min read

3 Reasons Every Founder Needs a Financial Model: A Fresh Perspective

Financial modeling often gets sidelined or misunderstood, especially among early-stage startups. It's commonly perceived as a complex attempt to...

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Time series forecasting model for predicting future - Featured image

8 min read

Time Series Forecasting Models: Predicting Future Business Trends

Discovering the power of a time series forecasting model is like unlocking a treasure chest for your business. You can instantly start forecasting...

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How To Build an Ecommerce Financial Model - Featured image

5 min read

How to Build a Rock-Solid Ecommerce Financial Model

In the startup world, SaaS is king (and you know this - it’s discussed everywhere, constantly). SaaS financial models are straightforward: they show...

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Featured image: Real estate financial modeling (REMF)

13 min read

Real Estate Financial Modeling: Tools for Smart Investment Decisions

For savvy investors in today's game, real estate financial modeling is the ticket to making informed, smart decisions in property investment. It...

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How To Build A Great Forecast - Featured image

4 min read

How To Build A Great Forecast: Key Startup Metrics and Techniques

At Forecastr, we know that forecasting metrics is an essential part of running a successful startup. Accurately forecasting your startup's growth and...

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Revenue Forecasting Best Practices - Featured image

6 min read

Revenue Forecasting Best Practices for Small Businesses and Startups

Running a startup or a small business can feel like sailing through uncharted waters when you’re managing finances. As a founder, keeping your ship...

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