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Startup Valuation

Market trends impact startup valuation - Featured image

6 min read

Do Market Trends Impact Startup Valuation? Yes, They Do

For founders, understanding your startup's valuation goes beyond just crunching the numbers. There's a combination of processes, habits, and best...

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Pre-money vs post-money valuation: Featured image

4 min read

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation: What's the Difference and Why It Matters

Understanding the value of your company is a combination of both art and science. When it comes to startup valuation, you may come across the terms...

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Featured image: 409A startup valuation

3 min read

Demystifying the 409A Startup Valuation: Why It's a Big Deal for Founders

As a startup owner, it's crucial to have a strong understanding of your startup’s valuation. One term that frequently comes up is the "409A...

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Featured image: Calculate startup valuation mistakes - Error!

6 min read

5 Common Mistakes Startups Make When Calculating Their Valuation

Calculating startup valuation is a difficult task for most founders. It’s notoriously hard to do, and it influences everything from fundraising to...

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Featured image: How to calculate startup valuation

7 min read

Startup Valuation FAQ: Smart Answers for Tough Questions

Understanding how to calculate startup valuation is not just about numbers and negotiations. It’s part of your startup’s story. While it’s probably...

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The Ultimate Guide to Help You - Featured image

13 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Help You Raise Capital for Your Startup

If you need to raise capital for an early-stage startup, you probably already know it will be a complex and potentially overwhelming process....

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Featured image: Series A Funding for Founders

16 min read

Series A Funding Guide for Founders: How To Lock In the Big Round

No moment is more critical in the growth of an early-stage startup than when the founders roll up their sleeves and begin the process of raising...

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Featured Image: Pre-Revenue Valuation for Startups

5 min read

Pre-Revenue Valuation for Startups: 3 Valuable Techniques

Startup valuation is a tricky business. With typical business valuations, you’re looking at an established company’s financial reports. It’s much...

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How to Talk Valuation with VCs - Featured image

2 min read

Startup Founders: How to Talk Valuation with VCs – Part 2

Last week, we began a discussion on how to talk valuation with VCs. Even experienced founders fail to forge deals with VCs because they simply don’t...

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Featured Image: Startup Founders – How to Talk Valuation with VCs

2 min read

Startup Founders – How to Talk Valuation with VCs

Most venture capitalists bear witness to thousands of investment deals and have an advanced intuition on market valuation. Founders, especially...

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