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Startup terminology A to Z - Featured image

6 min read

The Ultimate Startup Terminology Guide: From A to Z

If you are new to the startup scene or raising capital, picking up all the startup terminology and acronyms can feel like learning a foreign language. It takes time to become familiar with these words. We put together this list of terms and their...

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Family offices as startup investors - Featured image

4 min read

What Is a Family Office? And Are They Good or Bad Startup Investors?

In the ever-evolving landscape of startup financing, founders continually seek alternative sources of investment to fuel their growth and innovation....

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Building a financial model for startups - Featured image

9 min read

Building a Solid Financial Model for Startups: The Key to Success

Stepping into the startup world feels like diving headfirst into a sea of uncertainties. But, crafting a solid financial model for startups is your...

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3 Fundraising Insights from a Veteran Founder - Featured

2 min read

3 Fundraising Insights from the Experience of a Veteran Founder

Like many founders before me, I’ve learned many (and often hard!) lessons about getting ready for fundraising. In this article I’m going to share the...

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Financial model prep - Featured image (temp)

7 min read

The Ultimate Financial Modeling Prep Guide: Tips & Tools

Diving into financial modeling prep is like unlocking a secret code that can predict the future of businesses and investments. It's essential, yet...

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Market trends impact startup valuation - Featured image

6 min read

Do Market Trends Impact Startup Valuation? Yes, They Do

For founders, understanding your startup's valuation goes beyond just crunching the numbers. There's a combination of processes, habits, and best...

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Financial modeling tips - Featured image

8 min read

Essential Financial Modeling Tips Proven To Boost Your Business

Imagine navigating your way through a dense forest without a map. That's business without financial modeling. It's essential, yet daunting for many....

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