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Illustration: Founder considering 2 scenarios

5 min read

Scenario Analysis: The Super Power You Get From a Financial Model

Have you ever lost sleep wondering what would happen to your business if a major change occurred? It could be a big competitor moving into your space. It could be new government regulations. There’s no shortage of potential changes that could rock...
Financial model mistakes - Featured

7 min read

7 Common Financial Modeling Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Financial modeling is an essential part of running a successful startup. From budgeting to investment analysis, a solid financial model can help founders make informed, data-driven decisions about their businesses.
Building a financial model from the bottom up - Featured

8 min read

5 Reasons a Bottom-Up Financial Model Is the Best To Forecast Revenue

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic startup ecosystem, it’s essential for founders to have a crystal clear understanding of their startup’s financial performance through forecasting. One way to analyze your financial position is a top-down analysis,...
How a Financial Model Helps You Raise Capital - Featured image

5 min read

How a Financial Model Helps You Raise Capital Like a Boss

Raising capital is a crucial chapter in the story of every growing startup. Whether you’re seeking seed funding from an angel investor or trying to close a big Series A with the world’s leading VC firms, a solid financial model can help you plan...
How Many Revenue Forecasts - Featured image

5 min read

How Many Revenue Forecasts Can You Fit into One Financial Model?

In our experience helping founders build great financial models, we’ve worked with startups that focus on SaaS, ecommerce, import/export, fulfillment, and logistics. But we had never worked with one startup that does all of those things until we met...
Illustration: Raising capital in Europe - Featured

4 min read

Raising Capital in Europe? Insider Tips to Help You Succeed

From locating potential investors to pitching your company and negotiating terms, there are a lot of things a founder needs to learn when they’re raising capital for the first time.
Illustration: Confident founder raising capital - Featured

4 min read

5 Powerful Resources to Help You Raise Capital for a Business

So you’ve nailed down your business plan, you’ve got a solid proof of concept, or maybe even a working minimum viable product. You’re getting great feedback and you think your business is ready for primetime.
Illustration: Crowd of people with funding money

5 min read

Is Equity Crowdfunding a Good Fit for Your Startup? Here’s How It Works

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new addition to the toolset founders have available to raise capital for early-stage startups. It opens up a whole new market of potential investors who have never before had access to investments in startup...
9 Great Alternative Funding Options - Featured image

8 min read

9 Great Alternative Funding Options for Your Early-Stage Startup

What does it take to raise capital for a successful early-stage startup? Is it all about having a great idea? Of course not. Any seasoned investor can tell you that great ideas are a dime a dozen.
Founder celebrating financial model - Featured

14 min read

How To Crush Your Financial Model: A Guide for Founders

As a founder, a great financial model is the single most valuable asset you have to understand and interpret your runway, revenue, expenses, and many other important financial metrics. What is a Financial Model? A financial model is a tool that...

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