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Just like your personal health, your business's financial health depends on good habits and a consistent routine.

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Navigating Series A funding: Featured image (Temp)

12 min read

Navigating Series A Funding: Expert Insights and Strategies

You've heard whispers of this mythical Series A funding, a pivotal milestone in the startup saga. But what's all the fuss about, and why does it matter? Series A funding is the secret sauce that catapults your burgeoning company into expansion mode,...
Series A vs Series B - Featured image (Temp)

9 min read

Series A vs Series B Funding: Key Differences Between Funding Stages

In the world of startup growth, funding rounds are the essential fuel that propels your company to new heights. Among these critical milestones, Series A and Series B funding stand out as key game-changers—each with its distinct strategies, investor...
Stealth startup secrets - Featured image (temp)

9 min read

Stealth Startup Secrets: Navigating Success in Silence!

Today, I want to dive into the world of stealth startups – the secret agents of the business realm. These companies work under the radar to develop their products, intentionally avoiding the limelight to stay focused and avoid unwanted attention.
Pre-seed funding: Featured image (temp)

11 min read

Pre-Seed Funding: The Fuel for Your Startup's Ignition

You've got a genius idea that's ready to make waves, and you're itching to turn your ambitious vision into a thriving enterprise. But here's the scoop: transforming your dream into reality demands more than guts and grit. You need the ultimate fuel...
Budget models guide

5 min read

Smart Budget Models for Modern Businesses

Diving into budget models is far from just playing with numbers; think of it as your strategic secret weapon for driving your business to new heights.
Startup terminology A to Z - Featured image

6 min read

The Ultimate Startup Terminology Guide: From A to Z

If you are new to the startup scene or raising capital, picking up all the startup terminology and acronyms can feel like learning a foreign language. It takes time to become familiar with these words. We put together this list of terms and their...
Family offices as startup investors - Featured image

4 min read

What Is a Family Office? And Are They Good or Bad Startup Investors?

In the ever-evolving landscape of startup financing, founders continually seek alternative sources of investment to fuel their growth and innovation. Among these alternatives, family offices have emerged as a significant and influential player. But...
How to build a startup financial model

11 min read

How to Build a Startup Financial Model in 9 Steps

Stepping into the startup world feels like diving headfirst into a sea of uncertainties. But, crafting a solid startup financial model is your lifeboat, guiding you through rough waters to clear skies and steady growth. This article unpacks the nuts...
3 Fundraising Insights from a Veteran Founder - Featured

2 min read

3 Fundraising Insights from the Experience of a Veteran Founder

Like many founders before me, I’ve learned many (and often hard!) lessons about getting ready for fundraising. In this article I’m going to share the three that have been of recurring importance and benefit to me and that I wish I had known when I...
Section 174 research & experimentation - Featured image (temp)

5 min read

Section 174: Restoring Key R&E Expenses To Drive Innovation

It’s rare in today’s political climate to find leaders from both major U.S. parties agreeing on legislation, especially as it relates to taxes and budgets.

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